Monthly Archives: March 2012

Design: Archers

I figure that this blog needn’t only be a repository of my writing.  I have numerous interests, including graphic design, specifically sports branding.

I recently entered a contest at  This site is for designers to submit hockey concepts–reimaginings of current designs, or ideas for teams that do not in fact exist.  The current contest is to rebrand the Columbus Blue Jackets.

This is my design:

(c) 2012 Whittier Strong

I believe my design would be NHL-ready because 1) the logo stands on its own, rather than relying on minor-league-looking wordmarks on the jersey; 2) it features classic design elements that would not go out of style straightaway; and 3) it is a design that’s specific to the city–it couldn’t just be plopped into any city.

The prize usually isn’t announced until the end of the competition, but it is most often a jersey in your design.  I’d love to wear this around town!  Alas, it all comes down to voting, and though mine is currently one of the top designs, I have a ways to reach the leader.  If you’d be so kind as to vote for my design here, I’d greatly appreciate it.  The contest runs through the end of the week.