Monthly Archives: February 2012


Two months can fly by.  It’s been two months since I made a grand, sweeping announcement of a “big plan” I had for this blog.  And it came to naught.

The “big plan” was a little project I had cooked up that was basically going to generate steady content for the blog.  I felt like I “had” to be contributing to this blog daily, that it would be good practise as a writer.  But the project had a couple of snafus with it.  More importantly, I realised that I didn’t want to be generating content for the sake of generating content.  I want this blog partly to serve as a storehouse of my best writing, and partly as a place to publish meaningful essays that I’ve put some time, thought, and revision into.  Generating content every day regardless of where my mind was would not serve that purpose.

I’ve been writing, that’s for sure–for school.  It’s keeping me very busy.  And I’ve had ideas that I’ve wanted to write up for here.  It usually takes me a few days to think through an essay and get it to the point I want it for blog publication.  But I knew that I would need to post this before I tackled anything else for the blog.

So now, I come back with a tonne of stories in mind.  Here’s to not keeping you waiting two months for my next writing….