Monthly Archives: December 2011


So, I’ve vanished for a few weeks.  It wasn’t exactly what I intended.  Let me explain.

I announced that I was going to be participating in National Novel Writing Month.  I kind of fell apart with that into the second week.  I’m not particularly disappointed, though.  At 10,000 words, I had nearly doubled the length of the longest piece I’d ever written, my senior thesis.  I have some good material to develop in the future.

But I shut down in a lot of respects beyond just the novel.  I have been in the process of going back to school, and I find that that has taken a lot of emotional and mental energy from me.  I feel like I’m pulling back all of my resources, because I know that, come January 9, I’m going to be expending a lot more resources than I have had to recently, and I’m concerned that if I don’t do this, I won’t have enough for school.

It’s exciting.  I have not attended school since 2004, and have not attended full-time since 1997, so I feel like I’m having to dust off my brain.  I did well overall in my last educational endeavours, and had to cut my degree short owing to circumstances outside the realm of academics.  I plan to attend school year-round, and should be finished in two years.  I will come out with a Bachelor of Arts in Writing.  (At my school, Metropolitan State University, English and Writing are two separate majors.)

I have ideas of some writings that I would like to produce for this space over the next few weeks.  One of those plans I will announce on Monday.