This is not the first blog I’ve started.  I have maintained a friends-only blog on Livejournal for some time, and tried to keep up a public one there, as well, but continued frustration with the increase in spamming and hacking on Livejournal keep me from wanting to maintain it.  I will be transferring my best writing from there to here in due course.

What inspires me to start this journal is the fact that, in January 2012, I will be returning to college to study creative writing.  This will be my third attempt at completing a Bachelor’s degree, the first two having been thwarted by financial difficulties, and this one possible only through President Obama’s student loan reforms.  I am working to finish the degree before there is the chance to have those reforms undone.

Why study writing?  My first majors were in music (an unmitigated disaster, not because of my musical ability but because of the school’s ability to teach it), and in philosophy (how disillusioned I became when I found I was born in the wrong country to be a philosopher–vive la France).  The common thread between the two: my desire to communicate a message, my beliefs, my values.  However, you can’t communicate clearly through music (or visual arts, my other passion), because everyone wants to interpret your work.  I have no desire to be interpreted–if I have not effectively communicated exactly what I mean, I believe I have failed.  And philosophy?  Well, it helps to have someone actually read your communications.

Ah, you may say, there is nothing guaranteed in the field of writing.  You could be living on bread and water your whole life, etc.  I have no illusions.  This economy is wretched, and it is my personal belief it will never be as good as it was.  Because the economy is wretched, well-educated people are having to turn to low-level, entry-level jobs.  And that is exactly the issue–try competing against them without that education!  Colleges make you choose a major, something I’ve pretty much always detested.  I live in the spirit of da Vinci.   But the thing is, when employers are looking at these stacks of college graduates applying for a low-potential job, they are not looking at the majors, because, after all, what major is applicable to work that doesn’t really require a degree at all?  I may as well pick a major that is at least going to hold my interest until I graduate.

But, then, why this particular major?  Because it resonates with my interests and values.  My interests abound–I often say I never get bored.  The breadth of my interests will unfold in this blog over time, so I will not waste time now listing them.  To write means I can write on many subjects.  Furthermore, as I said before, I believe in communicating my values and beliefs clearly.  One can write such that one is as clearly understood as possible, with no ambiguity.  This is what I desire.  And I believe in leaving a legacy.  I am so often told that I need to just “live in the moment,” and, whilst the advice is good to a point, I believe it’s a terrible dictate for one’s entire life.  Lack of forethought is what leads to pollution, wars, and so much else wrong with the world.  What if, instead of us thinking of our interests right now, we considered how our actions now affect the world ten generations from now?  (I will be coming back to that theme a lot.)

It is my intent to write an article of substance in this blog each day I find myself online.  If I’m going to be online–where I find myself a lot–then I need to be productive.  I need to start communicating those values and beliefs now, and allow my schooling to further shape and improve what I am already doing.

I look forward to sharing my heart and mind with you, dear reader.


About Whittier Strong

Whittier Strong is an MFA student in creative writing at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks, with a focus in nonfiction. He graduated from Metropolitan State University with a BA in creative writing. He has special interests in sociology and philosophy.

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  1. I look forward to reading your blog!

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